Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

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Category:  Shawl

Occasion:  Special Occasion

Fabric:  Satin

Length:  79 in.(200cm)

Width:  20 in.(50cm)

Season:  Winter

Shown Color:  Champagne


How long will your order take to arrive?


Tailoring Period: 3-5 days. See Details >>

Weight: 200g


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Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

Satin Special Occasion Shawl (013012521)

Product Reviews

By Angie
2013-07-16 01:21:41
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DRESS AND SHAWL FOR ME!!! they fit me perfectly!!! GORGEOUS!!! Insanely quick...only takes 3 weeks to receive them. what a great concept. Highly recommended. Thank you!!!

By marlena
2013-01-19 09:26:56
This wrap was made very well and of a very nice thick material. It is a pretty good length.
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